The Curious Turtle Who Flew to Space


The Curious Turtle Who Flew to Space

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Children's - Sci-Fi
Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Action & Adventure, Fiction > Children's - Animals


Join Splash, the curious and adventurous turtle, on an incredible journey into space. Splash is hooked when she sees a spaceship shooting off into the unknown! Fueled by her passion for adventure and determination to save her beloved home from pollution, Splash builds her magnificent spacecraft with the help of her friends. Embark with Splash on a cosmic journey filled with exciting friendships, discoveries, and challenges to overcome. This heartwarming tale ignites young imaginations, inspiring children to cultivate a lifelong passion for adventure and discovery. “The Curious Turtle Who Flew to Space” is a perfect book for children who love adventure, imagination, and a story that instills hope for a better world.