The Case of the Magic Fluke

The Case of the Magic Fluke Front Cover-06

The Case of the Magic Fluke

A Millicent Winthrop Novel: Book 6

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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Honorable Mention


Millicent Winthrop and her husband Alfredo Martolini are on a well-deserved vacation with their faithful pug companions, Holmes and Watson. Salzburg, Austria is their destination, not only for Alfredo’s love of Mozart, but Millicent’s undying commitment to the resort town of Bad Reichenhall and a darn good massage. Yet as soon as they arrive, as if by magic Millicent stumbles upon a recent murder of a girls’ soccer team coach, whose lifeless body she accidentally discovers trapped inside the famous Mozart Geburtshaus piano. The vacation suddenly turns into work, as the four must solve this murder and quickly, for Millicent is well into her nine month of pregnancy and nearly ready to pop. Will Millicent and her team be able to disentangle the many confusing clues before Baby Martolini arrives? Or will this become Millicent and Alfredo’s first failure as private investigators?