The Captain of the Black Swan


The Captain of the Black Swan

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Juvenile - Fairy Tales


Can an invisible orphan save his town from rock-eating monsters? When Tom, an orphan Ditto, shelters from a fierce storm in a rabbit burrow, he emerges to find Dawlish has been wrecked. Many Ditto houses have been blown down from the trees and their owners race to salvage their homes before they are discovered by humans. Hearing the storm has also washed away the railway line, Tom hurries to view the damage. Swooping low on his flying scooter, he spots a huge crater below the twisted rails with strange tracks leading away from it. Could the old legends be true? Has the storm released monsters from below the earth? Or are other forces at work? Calling on his friends, Tom sets out to find the truth before humans discover what has happened and the very existence of Dittos and other magical creatures is put at risk. The Captain of the Black Swan is the first in the Dittos of Dawlish trilogy.