The Calorie Counting Diet plus 4 other books

The Calorie Counting Diet Plus 4 Other Books - book cover

The Calorie Counting Diet plus 4 other books

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First Place Award


The Calorie Counting Diet is a culmination of many, many years of research. In this book, you will find out the basic principles of weight management through the use of a calorie budget and calorie information for average servings of all foods in the world. This book also has 4 books from Dow Creative Enterprises, LLC published inside. You will explore ideas of what global usage of a calorie budget may look like and its consequences. You will be able to examine foods relative to each other measured at 1 gram each. You will read about how many researchers throughout the last several decades have discovered how calorie restriction or the use of a calorie budget to maintain a low ideal BMI can help reduce the incidence of cancer, minimize some aging effects and reduce other illnesses. You will also be able to examine the cost per calorie of foods at a grocery store in a representative U.S. city.