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Spiritual Writing

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Nonfiction > Self-Help - Spirituality, New Age & Metaphysics
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Third Place Award

Nonfiction > Self-Help - Motivation


For Those who are Called and Wish to be Chosen. Spiritual Writers are drawn to the writing process by a powerful sense of mission and a desire to develop and share their special revelations with the world. But that call to write does not ensure they will be published. The second edition of this wholly revised pioneering work begins with a guide for the spiritual path through the Seven Lessons of Soul Odyssey. When spiritual writers embrace the challenges of the spiritual messenger, this book provides detailed guidelines for navigating the ever-changing publishing protocols. Herman also helps spiritual writers use technology to build platforms and find their readers. Friendly, humorous, personal and practical in tone, “Spiritual Writing” is much more than a “how-to manual.” It is also a captivating and motivational look at the spiritual life and the inspirational call to share one’s peace, joy and wisdom with the world through writing.