Secrets of the Permafree Book

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Secrets of the Permafree Book

How to Publish a Free Book on Amazon

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First Place Award

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Feed Your Online Sales with a Permafree Book on Amazon! You would probably be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like free stuff. You probably never banked on being able to use that to your advantage as an entrepreneur. Check this out… You can use free stuff to drive traffic and raving fans to your paid content. People do it all the time, and not just with books. Most of us have watched a YouTube video with those magical links in the description, right? It’s a full-on business model, and this book will show you how to do it with a book that’s free forever in the Amazon marketplace. In short, you will learn how to create a book and list it for free on Amazon that drives traffic to pretty much anything you want. We’ll focus on building an email list, though, since that’s pretty much Online Business 101. Welcome to square one! This book doesn’t promise you riches. It helps you build a foundation on which you can create a long-term, sustainable business.