Road To Elysium


Road To Elysium

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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Inspired by a true story. A man who had all he ever wanted, unexpectedly finds himself shattered and broken due to a single tragedy. Ken has come to know his sorrow as he clings closely to his painful memories. Giving his life over to his heartache, Ken sees the world as a cold, hard place to live. He settles on the fact that he may never again find the same happiness he once knew. When some neighborhood kids decide to rob his house. This fateful event sets off a chain of repercussions that Ken could not have predicted. It leads to meeting Mykel, a young man, in a very unconventional way. This leads Ken to make an instant, profound choice. As their friendship grows, Ken sees something in Mykel. Ken begins to redirects his personal focus to the young man and not his self-pity. Not realizing it, that momentary decision will affect countless lives in many unforeseen ways.