Return from Darkness


Return from Darkness

A Post-Apocalyptic Journey

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Science Fiction > Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic


Nuclear Armageddon left the planet in ashy ruins. When a man leaves the safety of the underground, will he survive the peril that awaits him above? Seventeen-year-old Loreto Riker has never known life outside a bunker. After an atomic war thrusts the world into an eternal winter, the descendant of courageous survivors accepts an exploratory mission to search for others on the ravaged surface. But the treacherous task quickly turns deadly when he’s attacked by radioactively deformed flesh-eaters. Desperately evading the mutant cannibals, Loreto pairs up with a sword-wielding woman on the run from the foul creatures. But when he makes a shocking discovery, he fears a much greater threat looms amongst the corrupted remnants of the apocalypse… Can Loreto defend the last shred of humanity from a dark new enemy?