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First Place Award

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Read this book, and you will be an instant interviewer with 1500+ carefully organized questions to ask a celebrity, criminal, environmentalist, politician, child etc. You’ll get hints on how to meet and greet guests, how to dress, act, talk and much more. The book is peppered with humorous, personal stories of Suzanne Lasky-Gerard, its author and 30 year successful CBS and NBC TV on-air interviewer. But most importantly, you will be holding all the questions you’ll ever need in your career as a print, social media, podcaster, or on-air interviewer. Examples…Questions for Celebrities : What do you think of people who say actors should keep quiet on world issues? Politicians: Finish this statement… If I were President…Successful people: So many very talented people start out in their career but never make it. What is the one thing you had that helped you make it? These are just a few of the1500+ thought-provoking/ provocative questions in the book. It’s also fun to read.