Prick of the Needle


Prick of the Needle

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Literary - Journey & Adventure


Former heroin addict and prison inmate, Wren Meyer, finds herself on the outside as a wildland firefighter, in one of Arizona’s most deadly fire seasons in years. Through a program designed to offer post-release inmates a chance at a new skill, Wren finds herself face to face with not only her past but a future she is unsure she belongs in. While she thrives off of the adrenaline firefighting gives her, using it to replace her desire to use heroin again, she struggles with finding her own purpose in life. Life unexpectedly changes when volunteers from other areas join the fight, including a crew from the nearby Navajo Nation. As a crew supervisor, Wren steps forward to offer guidance to the new crew members and finds herself at odds with, yet strangely drawn to, the Navajo crew leader, Elijah. Elijah is a single father and type one diabetic, who holds Wren away at arm’s length, for reasons she can’t comprehend. Elijah’s and Wren’s pasts force them to come to grips with what is drawing