Nekora cover by Jason-Sissung


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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Fantasy


Nekora, a fun loving adopted wood elf raised by the king and queen as a princess loves her friends, family, and kingdom. She would anything to protect them. She masters combat and even dabbles in magic. She constantly torments her best friend in a fun loving joking fashion. Her kingdom was found and destroyed by the dark elves of the infamous lost city of Almaryha and Nekora makes every effort to ensure revenges is met. A rivalry between her and a human escalates into all out warfare where the human hires Orcs to destroy her kingdom. Everything she loved was gone. She makes her way to the mainland to start over but receives constant contention from the humans. After finding a solitary life in Agora, humans attack constantly to obtain her gold mined in the mountains. Her inner self becomes torn down as she grows to be the first necromancer in the realm, using undead to serve her and destroy all the wretched humans in the land.