Napoleon: No Ordinary Donkey


Napoleon: No Ordinary Donkey

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First Place Award

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Sunny Hills Farm is where the sun always shines on Napoleon, a darling little donkey, and all of his friends. Today, however, is unusual as Napoleon finds himself caught in the middle of a rare storm with no idea where he belongs. As he trudges through the downpour seeking shelter, he realizes for the first time that he isn’t like all of the other animals on the farm who each have a unique gift that makes them special. Soaked and saddened, Napoleon begins to think he’ll never find his gift until he hears his best friend calling for help and his instincts take over. Will Napoleon save his friend? Will Napoleon find what makes him special and realize that he, too, has a place and purpose on the farm? Find out in this uplifting, charming story about a donkey and his friends and how finding your gift often comes down to just being yourself.