My Day As Regan Forrester


My Day As Regan Forrester

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Fantasy - Contemporary


A Midwestern mom wakes up on the dangerous end of a body-swap bargain she never agreed to . . . Stuck in a rut as wife, teacher, and mom, Beth Barony makes a birthday wish for more excitement in her life—and wakes up as film star Regan Forrester, known for her rebellious smolder and empty head. What could be more fun than playing Hollywood princess for a day? But Regan’s life is anything but glamorous. While Beth scrambles to save Regan’s shaky career and crumbling relationships, Regan wins over Beth’s husband, students, kids, and friends—and won’t give them back. And as Beth fights to undo the spell that switched them, she learns why Regan ditched her perfect young body: someone is trying to kill her. If Beth doesn’t stop a stalker and get her and Regan back in their own bodies—soon—neither woman will have a life to go back to.