My Cat Quiche and the Bee Happy Extravaganza


My Cat Quiche and the Bee Happy Extravaganza

Manage Emotions and Anxiety Growing Seeds into Colourful Flowers with Mindful

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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Sad, shy and grumpy in a bee-less, butterfly-less, beautiful-less garden… My cat Quiche’s worried whiskers need some helpful friends to breathe some colour back into her world! A puuuurfectly enchanting bedtime or classroom story. Can your child help quirky Quiche in a tale of colourful creatures and fabulous flowers using rhyming sound spells of the creature characters she meets to grow some special seeds to attract bees and butterflies into the garden? Quiche’s magical, mindful friends help her manage difficult emotions of being shy, grumpy and sad to find a place of calm and happy feelings. Children will love learning to read and joining in with the fun, silly sounds and actions.