Multicultural Mindfulness


Multicultural Mindfulness

Nourishing The Soul

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award


Explore the mindfulness practices of Hygge, Keyif, Frilufsliv, Gemutlichkeit and many more as you craft your own practice from the traditional customs of other countries. The non-judgmental acceptance of the feelings that emerge in our thoughts and emotions, in the present, manifests into a lifelong mindful practice. The similarities of the various modalities found around the world to practice mindfulness are more numerous than the differences in some cases than the activities of a culture. They are passed down from generation to generation with the name of the activity rather than the more trending term of mindfulness. Make no mistake, the names change from countries and cultures around the globe, but the intention is identical. Join me on a journey of how mindfulness exists in other cultures with the diversity and of the way things are done in other countries to formulate a lifestyle of staying in the present.