Models and Citizens


Models and Citizens

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Sci-Fi - Genetic Engineering


A genetically altered clone. A college graduate. And it’s a long way to Canada…

Harper Rawls struggles to come to grips with her parents’ deaths – but it’s not going well. Accompanying her guilt and inadequacy, she’s somehow gained the attention of an anti-cloning extremist organization. Out of “respect for her father”, they now watch her every move.

Ordell Bentley flees violence at the hands of the same group. Death stalks him through the nascent jungles near League City, Texas as he makes his way to his lover’s house to warn her that they’ve been discovered, only to find her daughter Harper instead.

The only escape is through the mid-western desert to the north, and Ordell has no food, no money, and no transportation. Hunted by the HPM and an unseen stalker, and plagued by a corporate-sponsored bounty that creeps steadily upward, the future is bleak…