Messages in Time


Messages in Time

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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Messages in Time, the third novel in the In Time series, draws Emma into a new adventure when an unannounced visitor shows up on her patio. He is sure Emma’s Uncle Jack had found a valuable artifact from the Civil War that would propel him into the high ranks of American academic historians. Since Uncle Jack is dead, this man wants the artifact for himself to enhance his own reputation. But when he turns up dead on her patio, the police suspect her of murder. She must prove her innocence, an effort that takes her deeper into TJ’s family history, the world of antique auctions, and respected historians. There, she will find someone who will stop at nothing to possess it all. When the real killer emerges from the shadows, can Emma guard the artifact, protect TJ, and save her own life? Historical fiction and a complicated mystery with a dash of romance. Letters in Time, Book 1 in the series, won a Bookfest Gold Medal 2022