May I Sit At Your Table?


May I Sit At Your Table?

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Juvenile - Multicultural
Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Juvenile - Family, Fiction > Juvenile - Social Themes


May I Sit at Your Table? takes us into the world of Abby, a Deaf second grader who uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. Despite her elementary school being a hub of joy and laughter, Abby often finds herself lonely due to her peers’ lack of understanding about her unique way of communication. Inspired by her parents’ words of encouragement, Abby tries to engage with her classmates, only to be met with confusion and dismissal. When her plight is noticed by Ms. Baker, a caring teacher, she takes it upon herself to teach the class about ASL, gradually guiding the children to understand and empathize with Abby’s world. The story beautifully captures the transformation that comes with understanding and acceptance, underscoring the importance of empathy, inclusivity, and embracing our unique attributes. May I Sit at Your Table? leaves readers with the profound message that everyone, no matter how they communicate, deserves to be heard, seen, and accepted.