Mail-Order Family

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Mail-Order Family

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Non-Fiction > Humor > True Stories & Memoir


Mail-Order Family is a charming, unlikely love story about two misfits literally two worlds apart that doesn’t follow the usual rules. It’s a story about difficult times but also one of triumph and hope told with a Russianesque sense of humor and heart. Irina, a spunky divorcée with two young children, is trying to build a new life on the ruins of a collapsed Soviet Union empire in a small Eastern European country called Moldova, where the world around her turned upside. She’s desperately looking for a way out. By chance, she finds out about online dating and discovers a world that is nothing like she expected. Hilarity is assured as she tries to sort out the good men from the bad with her own family constantly in her way. Finally, she captures the heart of an American named David. East eventually meets West, and worlds collide as the tall, loud, and unconventional American tries to fit in with Irina’s family, and Irina discovers that David is far from a charming prince.