Labor of Love


Labor of Love

Gardens in Time Book One

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Christian - Historical


Florence, Italy, 1860, Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens Something sinister lurks in Pitti Palace Despite having spent eight years as companion to her cousins, Ana Geovani still questions her role and place in the Medici household. This uncertainty compounds and alarms as her cousin’s marriage approaches and a marriage is arranged for Ana. With no say in her own future, fear and despair dulls even the splendor of the gardens she holds so dear. As the newest under gardener at the palace, Marco Rossi should have everything he’s dreamed of–beautiful garden to tend and master architects and gardeners to teach him. Yet a secret mission threatens his peace of mind, position, and even the love for Ana. Marco feels the weight of the consequences he will face if he challenges a Medici member. The desires of men and women, both royal and common, create costly dilemmas and potential disasters of hears and sould. What will it take for Marco and Ana to prevail against everything driving them apart?