Kona Cowboy Surfer


Kona Cowboy Surfer

Hot in Hawaii Book 1

Authors & Illustrator


Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Romance - Contemporary


When a divorcee from Eastern Oregon decides to pick up and leave her family ranch behind – the only thing she’s ever known or loved – and move to Hawaii to start fresh, she soon realizes new beginnings can be complicated. Landing a new job and changing her attitude seems relatively easy for Delaney Shaw, but falling in love again is definitely not in her plans. That’s something altogether different, especially since the only man who interests her seems to spend all of his time either surfing or playing music in a local band. Yet Waylon Slater is so much more than he appears. Will the secret life he’s hiding keep him from starting a new one with Delaney? Or will Delaney’s past keep her from accepting all of who this man is and has?