Killer of Killers 1: Visions


Killer of Killers 1: Visions

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Thriller - Supernatural


Kalen McDonald is a normal man. He loves his family and has a great career as a real estate agent, but his dark past has greatly influenced him. The visions that come to him with scenes of murderous devastation are too hard to ignore. Kalen is a serial killer, but he only murders other killers, eliminating those who prey on the innocent. A crisis arrives in the form of a man known to the authorities as B.T.K Is this maniacal serial killer trying to emulate the notorious killer of the past? Kalen will find out soon, as this new fiend touches the life of the one person he loves the most. In his most crucial moment, Kalen will need to rely on his finely crafted skills. The woman Kalen considers the very essence of his life is in a killer’s crosshairs and she needs him. She needs the Killer of Killers.