KARRIN: Warrior Woman


KARRIN: Warrior Woman

(Excalibur Saga Book 4)

Authors & Illustrator


Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Sci-Fi - Aliens & Alien Invasion


A young woman abandoned on a deserted alien planet. An inter-dimensional life form that wants her dead. Three years later, against all odds, eighteen-year-old Karrin has survived the harsh elements of planet Switch. Her only companion, Brownie, a mysterious two-tailed creature that appeared during her time of grief over the loss of Lurga. One day, Brownie leads Karrin to a wrecked cargo spaceship. Encouraged by the ship’s computer, she lays claim to the contents to find that the contract on her life is still valid. And Calen has launched a fleet to kill her. Can she defend herself and Brownie without her psychic abilities? Meanwhile, Weesa, a silver Calen ship, sits at the inter-dimensional time-slip searching for Karrin. For she is the only person who can cross into the time rift and save their universe from annihilation. Will Weesa find Karrin in time?