It Had to Happen


It Had to Happen

Memoirs From an Abused Child

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Nonfiction > Memoirs - Personal


This story is about a young girl “Tameena”, who was physically abused by her mother. Tameena was manipulated and pimped out by one of her older sisters “Lyfe” for money. With all that was going on in Tameena’s home, she was bullied at school and as a result, resorted to violence which contributed to the separation of her family. From being too timid to speak up to her unwillingness to give up, first time author and teacher Mattie Williams M.Ed, shares her traumatic experiences of abuse (emotional, mental, sexual, and physical) from the hands of her biological family, during the young adolescent years of her life leading up to which she describes as “The Great Separation”. In this book It Had to Happen, the first of the trilogy, the author reveals undesired events that although almost killed her, made her stronger in “finding her voice.” It’s a revelation that encourages young children to advocate for themselves even against the people they love the most.