Hunt the Dragon Within


Hunt the Dragon Within

The Journals of Ravier: Volume II

Authors & Illustrator


Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

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What if your home was being threatened? Not simply by one sorcerer, but thousands? An entire race of them. As vampires, they’re hungry for blood. Meet the Sorsryns: eight clans, with a ninth one forcing its way into Muraine’s history. King Zymarc and his Vitiosyns. When I was given charge of Awngeleik, the dragon-horse, everything changed. I went to Muraine, searching for my father’s killer. What greeted me, instead of the answers I sought, was war; an attack on the home of Dragon Tamers and Memory Keepers, their young King Talok, cursed to die. Can I save him? Can I also save one of the Sorsryn Clans, from being slaves to the Laws of Neutrality? They are as a weapon, won by the Vitiosyns. Now, it’s only a matter of time. Someone’s going to die. Will death claim me? Or will it claim Zymarc, Talok, or . . . someone else? Only time will know. Time, the spirits, and me: Tyler Malik Ravier.