Hunt the Dragon Within


Hunt the Dragon Within

The Journals of Ravier: Volume II

Authors & Illustrator


Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award


What if your home was being threatened? Not simply by one sorcerer, but thousands? An entire race of them. As vampires, they’re hungry for blood. Meet the Sorsryns: eight clans, with a ninth one forcing its way into Muraine’s history. King Zymarc and his Vitiosyns. When I was given charge of Awngeleik, the dragon-horse, everything changed. I went to Muraine, searching for my father’s killer. What greeted me, instead of the answers I sought, was war; an attack on the home of Dragon Tamers and Memory Keepers, their young King Talok, cursed to die. Can I save him? Can I also save one of the Sorsryn Clans, from being slaves to the Laws of Neutrality? They are as a weapon, won by the Vitiosyns. Now, it’s only a matter of time. Someone’s going to die. Will death claim me? Or will it claim Zymarc, Talok, or . . . someone else? Only time will know. Time, the spirits, and me: Tyler Malik Ravier.