How to Bury the Undead


How to Bury the Undead

A Cadence Galloway Mystery

Authors & Illustrator


Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban


After reducing a vampire to ashes by staking it in a New Orleans cemetery, Cadence Galloway finds a business card among the dusty remains. To her surprise, it’s for a lawyer in Wickerman Falls, California, the home of her knotted family history. With this cryptic clue in hand and armed with her own brand of magic, Cady travels to the city, hoping to finally unravel the questions about her past. Taking a job at a nearby cemetery, she quickly becomes aware of the active afterlife of the deceased. Thanks to her ability to talk to ghosts, she learns of the vandalism at an abandoned church. Her curiosity piqued, she investigates and soon uncovers evidence that vampires are responsible. And after finding the vampires’ nest in the basement of a long-forgotten house, she realizes she that needs help from the living. With every answer she unearths, Cady discovers that her past has more buried secrets than the cemetery she works in and that her personal mystery is intertwined in local history.