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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

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Mistakes can kill you. Captain Ethan Evans has been running from his for two years. He and his outlaw army of ex-soldiers are good at surviving across Europe, but commandeering a crumbling Dutch fort in the Netherlands might be just another mistake. Hidden by a mask and robe, his scorched, scarred body is a constant reminder of what he did…and of what he deserves. Maybe 2066 will be the year his enemies catch up and put his head on a pike. Because vengeance is a ruthless hunter. Home is full of painful memories for Vanessa Brouwer. She yearns for a change and a chance to find a soul mate. But who knew some Phantom of the Opera wannabe and his band of marauders would take over the fort she’s trying to escape? His attitude is icier than a North Holland winter, but something fierce burns beneath that mysterious exterior. And the more he melts, the more she wants to see behind his dark disguise and even darker mood swings. Now the one thing neither of them can seem to escape is each other.