Grydscaen: Psycho Dive Manga 1

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Grydscaen: Psycho Dive Manga 1

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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grydscaen: scout remnant collection I is the cyberpunk manga based on the award-winning YA science fiction novel grydscaen: dark and the techno-thriller sequel grydscaen: scout. The Packrat hackers have tracked the rise in mysterious midnight deaths of psychic homeless teens in the Echelons to a conspiracy created by the SenseNet and the Elite government. Faid Callen, leader of the anti-government Packrat hackers, sends teenage homeless hacker ROM to investigate and uncovers a deep-rooted lie that has grown from a simple half-truth to a devastating dark force that threatens all psychics and raises a larger question of equal rights and blatant oppression.