graphic noiz manga 3: my hafu artist love

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graphic noiz manga 3: my hafu artist love

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award


Nineteen year old recent art college graduate Indigenous (Navajo) teen, Wolf Tadashi Begay is excited after his art gallery debut as his artist persona “Noiz” showing his portfolio for his graduation project an original manga “Disaster Code.” Entered in the prestigious Kadoshana Art competition, he is recognized as best new artist, winning the artist contract to illustrate the Fissure manga by arrogant and aloof Bestselling Japanese Immigrant Author, Shiro Ijima. Joining the NYC Manga Art Forum, Noiz becomes the target of powerful manga influencers who immediately bully and smear him because he is Hafu: half Japanese, and half African American/Native American. This manga explores Biracial identity, self-acceptance, self-esteem, ethnicity, marginalization, and intersectionality as we experience life through the eyes of Hafu artist Noiz as he navigates the world around him that at times seems hostile, and shows the difference in how society perceives him as a Mixed Race Person of Colour.