Ghosted: Dating & Other Paramoural Experiences

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Ghosted: Dating & Other Paramoural Experiences

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Fueled by cheap vodka and low standards in her twenties, Jana naively assumes that “happily ever after” is just a dark, sweaty nightclub away. In this memoir, Jana meets men. A lot of men — at bars, online, on New York rooftops. But with every face-licker, toe-sucker, and internet creep who just wants to bathe with her, it becomes clearer that hers is a ghost story, not the fairy tale she expected. Still single in her thirties, with the specter of loneliness looming, she realizes she’ll need to adjust her approach to dating and her relationship with herself, or risk being haunted by the mistakes of her dating past, and a future of shirtless bathroom selfies. Though Ghosted by Jana Eisenstein depicts the struggle to find lasting love in a world where romantic connections are ephemeral and difficult to conjure, at its heart, it’s a story about learning to accept that when it comes to dating, there are scarier fates than ending up alone.