Gemini Divided


Gemini Divided

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Mystery - Thriller, Fiction > Romance - Suspense
Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Thriller - Suspense


Everyone has secrets, but the skeletons in Jen’s closet are bigger than most. By day, she writes fanfiction for her favorite TV show, Gemini Divided, but by night, she works as an assassin to pay her mother’s chemotherapy bills. Her world tilts on its axis the day she is assigned to kill Will Bryant-the handsome and charming star of Gemini Divided, and her celebrity crush. What could Will have done to land on someone’s hit list? The assignment gets Jen up close and personal with Will, who is just as kind in person as he is in the media coverage she obsesses over. When she stumbles onto the reason Will ended up as her target, she must make a life-altering choice: kill Will and keep her mother alive, or save Will and put herself in danger, leaving no way to fund her mother’s treatments in the future. She has to decide quickly, because in two days, the choice will be made for her.