Family Crystals

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Family Crystals


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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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In the small town of McCleary, a family comes together to celebrate Christmas. Before the fun can commence, however, something frightening happens. The ground starts to tremble…a flash of light sparks outside the window practically blinding the inhabitants of the home. Upon exiting the house to see what the quake may have destroyed, they not only meet up with a new world, but Angela McLean meets up with an actual legendary creature that’s about to alter her and her family’s lives forever. The unity, the battles fought with hellish beings, facing life below the waters and on land in the extraordinary Mood Castle, from beginning to end this fabulous family show their powers of love, strength, and magic through thick and thin. By finding romance, solving mysteries, building friendships and facing the worst of mankind, “Family Crystals” gives readers a slew of opportunities to discover lives they would have never thought possible.