Don’t Let Them Know


Don’t Let Them Know

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Mystery - Cozy


What happens when a Federal Undercover agent meets a stock trading assistant who has a nose for crime? Lucy Lyman, an assistant trader for a brokerage firm, in her mid-forties, has given up on love. “Nothing ever happens in my life,” she tells her friends. That is until she begins to have the reoccurring dream that haunts her sleep; The dream where someone watches her but never shows their face. Is it a stalker or a suitor? Frustrated Lucy decides that to solve this mystery she must camp out where the dream takes place—at the library. Then maybe she’ll be able to sleep again. Davy Jones, a mid-forties, federal agent working undercover in his hometown of all places. Decompresses at the library; a place where he can leave his undercover life at the door. Unbeknownst to him, his life will forever change when his and Lucy’s worlds collide, a package goes missing, and lines are crossed. Will Lucy cause Davy to lose his cover? Will Davy help Lucy find the stranger? Will they both survive?