Days of the Dead: A Year of True Ghost Stories


Days of the Dead: A Year of True Ghost Stories

A Year of True Ghost Stories

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First Place Award

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Are you brave enough to spend every day of the year with ghosts? In the Edo period in Japan, samurai warriors would test their bravery with the game of 100 Ghosts. They would light a hundred candles in a dark room, and tell ghost stories. At the end of each story, the narrator would blow out one candle, and the room would grow darker, and darker … When the last tale was told, and the last candle snuffed, the samurai would be sitting in the dark, surrounded by a hundred ghosts who’d been summoned by the storytelling. So … are you braver than a samurai? Paranormal reporter Sylvia Shults has collected 366 ghost stories, one for every single day of the year, and has detailed them in this ambitious work. There’s a story for your birthday. There’s a story for your pet’s birthday. There’s a story to make every day spooky. Open the cover and peek inside – if you dare.