Crude Awakenings

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Crude Awakenings

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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A man on the cusp of hitting it big In the high risk gamble of independent oil drilling sees all his hopes destroyed by a ruthless rival’s envy. Rudderless, defeated, and haunted that his life’s apex was senior year in high school he must find a way out and up from the bottom he finds himself in. The journey he takes is rife with pitfalls. unexpected turns, and littered with mayhem and outsized personalities. Will he turn into a pot-bellied, has-been, douche bag avoided at all cost because he’s forever looking to bum money or a cigarette or just wants to tell you lies about how great he was? Who wants to listen to that crap? Or can Bud compete in the sordid world of black gold and create a path to redemption?