Carnivorous Cupid


Carnivorous Cupid

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Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

Fiction > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban


Eros. Also known as Cupid. Greek god of love and sexual desire. Sometimes depicted as an adorable, chubby little boy with wings, carrying a bow and arrows, flying around merrily, making everyone fall in love. That’s not Eros. Not anymore. Eros is mad. He’s all grown up now. And he’s on a mission to provoke chaos, starting with humans. Instead of producing love, his arrows now produce hunger. Actual hunger. Cannibalistic, beastly, monstrous hunger. Carnivorous. Is the world ready for a raging Eros? Who can stop the angry god of love from eradicating the human race, two soulmates at a time?