Brush Strokes


Brush Strokes

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Romance - Contemporary


Emily, a professional painter, has been married for ten years, but she can’t bring herself to leave her manipulative psychiatrist husband, David—at least until she discovers his infidelity. With grounds for divorce, Emily kicks David out of the house and keeps the property in the drawn-out process. Finding herself alone for the first time ever, Emily must figure out how to afford her mortgage and renovate the house on an artist’s salary with the help of her roommate, Alice, and her handsome Scottish landscaper, Roban. Meanwhile, Emily’s mother is not doing well. Her mother’s questionable health begs the question: how does one know whether to assert their independence or to ask for help? As summer turns to autumn, Emily navigates this new chapter of her life, wondering if love is a weakness or a strength. Can Emily pick up the pieces and move forward with her painting career while caring for her ailing mother? And will her growing feelings for Roban get in the way?