The Young Hellions Series: Book 1

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > YA - Dystopian


In a time of a failed One-World order economy, the only viable currency is a human one. It is 2035, and the path of Earth’s inevitable destruction has finally been realized. Efforts to perfect weapons of mass destruction and subsequently destroy one another have come to a head as the most powerful countries engage in an all-out nuclear assault—the time of The Big Drop— that ravages every organic life form, both plant, and animal. 90% of human life is wiped out, and of the 10% that survive, radiation poisoning has varying effects on the human genome, creating both mindless beasts called Ashers and beings with special gifts – Alphas. In a slave pod outside Savannah, Georgia, survivor Keesa Donovan will fight to save both her family and those she loves from the tyranny of The Establishment.