Black and White


Black and White

Healing Racial Divide

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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Do you want to read a book about race that feels more like a warm conversation than a heated debate? Race Dialogue Expert Charles L. Holley addresses the sensitive topics of race with a gentle yet persuasive voice. Delve into heart-stopping biographical stories from the civil rights era. Read thought-provoking statements such as, “It was a white guy with a rebel flag that exposed my bias as a black man.” Discover communication techniques that reduce racial conflict and helps you engage in constructive dialogue. Dive into a chapter that feels like a Bible study as he uses biblical scriptures to address race misconceptions in the Christian faith. Gain exposure to well-researched historical facts and statistics that make it an outstanding educational read. Enhance your leadership with an insightful chapter on diversity and culture. Black & White is an unbiased, thought-provoking, and highly emotional read that will deepen your racial understanding. With innovative challenges for blacks,