Beyond the Shadows

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Beyond the Shadows

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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Demons, Vampires, and a Cult: Everyone wanted Michael’s blood, but only one woman could claim it. Cecelia “Celie” Moore was a normal girl and a stranger to Michael Hawkins when he first encountered her, but that quickly changed after he entered her dreams. Michael is a vampire, and he had fallen in love with Celie from afar. Now a cult leader wanted to use that love as bait to obtain Michael’s blood for his own nefarious purposes. Michael would do anything to protect the woman he loves, and it is that protectiveness that brings the two lovers together. Through uncommon trials, they will face their demons – both real and imagined. Through their love, they will each face their doubts and their pasts. Through their determination, they will face down the evil lurking just beyond the shadows…