Behavioral Astrology


Behavioral Astrology

How to Interpret Your Relationships, Soul, and Self Through the Zodiac Signs

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award


The key to life is in your zodiac chart — the ultimate tool to help you understand yourself, discover your life’s meaning and take control of your future. In Behavioral Astrology, you will discover: -> A cosmic blueprint to uncover your full potential, tap into a world of possibilities, and know exactly what your soul needs from this lifetime -> The foundations of astrological science explained — go deeper into zodiac signs, birth charts, and compatibility -> Step-by-step instructions for creating, reading, and interpreting your birth chart (symbols and glyphs glossary included) -> How to live your life with exceptional purpose — understand the subconscious impact of planets, aspects, and asteroids on your behavior -> Mindfulness tools to shine a light on the deep inner workings of your heart, psyche, and soul -> A glimpse into your past and a map into a bright future with the help of south and north nodes -> The practical steps rooted in astrology to unblock your path