Because of the Night

Because of the Night

Because of the Night

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Artistic & Technical > Book Cover - Overall Design, Fiction > Juvenile - Action & Adventure
Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Juvenile - Social Themes, Fiction > Juvenile - Family, Fiction > Juvenile - Social Themes


Icky is a quirky girl with humorous ADHD impulses. Fully convinced she’s mismatched with her complicated family, and willing to risk everything to prove it, she embarks on a one-night adventure on a magical boat. It all starts one fall evening when Icky loses an unwinnable fight with her brainiac twin brother. Even if she uses her self-taught coping routine to tune-out, detach, and move on, it’s simply no match for the gazillions of thoughts that jam in the middle of her throat. As this ball of words unclogs in a huge explosion, it can’t be contained any longer… “Shut the front door—I must be in the wrong family!” Feeling invincible, the girl carries a pillow, a hastily packed doll case, and a clear decision—she must leave on a quest to find her true family. NOTE: THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A CHILD WITH ADD/ADHD IN THE 70’s BEFORE WE KNEW WHAT THAT WAS – SO IT IS SUBMITTED FOR NONFICTION HEALTH AND WELLNESS AS WELL AS FICTIONAL CATEGORIES