Beauty Beyond the Thorns


Beauty Beyond the Thorns

Discovering Gifts in Suffering

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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“Our hardest seasons can become some of our most glorious memories.” –Darci J. Steiner If you are looking for hope in your suffering, Beauty Beyond the Thorns offers a transformational perspective as to where it can be found. Darci weaves together personal stories of her journey through chronic pain with similar biblical stories to demonstrate how God can turn unexpected curveballs into victorious home runs. In Beauty Beyond the Thorns, you will learn: • Suggestions as to why God allows suffering, and how he provides gifts (like courage, perseverance, and direction) to guide you through difficulties • How to calm your anxiety amidst storms • To see that God’s plans for you are always good despite hardship • How God uses trials to transform you, just like he did with scriptural heroes Job, Joseph, Hagar, and Paul • How to experience peace, joy, hope, and faith despite disappointments you have encountered Study Guide for Beauty Beyond the Thorns is also available.