America of We The People

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America of We The People

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award


America of We the People is a brave conservative statement of the country’s condition. We stand at the chasm between freedom and tyranny. As we struggle between independent capitalism and socialism, this inspirational patriotic book reinforces pride in the United States of America, the Constitution, and Judeo-Christian values. Can we bring our country back? As patriotic Americans, can we become strong once again? Topics include patriotism, soldiers who see war for the first time, September 11, 2001, Benghazi, Afghanistan, faith in America, first responders, the Vietnam and Korean Wars, and topics of the current times such as vaccine mandates, media, liberty, and identity politics. The book is dedicated to military servicemen and women, veterans, and first responders. It was written in memory of those who died defending freedom and fighting against terrorism.