Amen to Sweet SPOTS


Amen to Sweet SPOTS

Amen to Sweet SPOTS

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Honorable Mention

Nonfiction > Memoirs - Personal


Amen to Sweet SPOTS is a tribute to someone Anne met and through whom in one year reached heights in a career she returned to after losing her business. When this mentor passed away suddenly and horribly, she is left to continue towards the goals they has embarked on, powered by the last words he’d said to her only weeks before the news that he was gone. It is also a memoir of her journey through the valleys she experiences and the stories she had long buried never to tell, but for a force greater than herself. Through her trials and successes, the hope is that readers gain the importance of the following: analyzing of friends to having a trustworthy circle; healing from the trauma of abuse; perceived failures and disappointments; guarding one’s giving heart; surrendering and its gifts; how faith and hope can ease fears, stress and anxiety, in minds and hearts.