All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One

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All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One

Authors & Illustrator


Michele D.
Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Non-Fiction > Spirituality > New Age, Non-Fiction > Body, Mind & Spirit > Angels & Spirit Guides


There’s nothing special about Michele Baker: Well, not unless you count the fact that she hears messages from angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and sentient beings from other worlds. The majority of the messages come from Archangel Michael. However, she has communicated with other extra-dimensional beings, too, and she’s come to think of them as her team. She writes down what they say. She began recording the messages via automatic writing and was astounded when the words she was writing down began to come true. Archangel Michael and the other beings described to her how everyone on Earth – and beyond – is connected. They also explained that together, we are moving toward a higher level of consciousness. This process of enlightenment has been occurring for thousands of years, but as the joyous breakthrough gets ever closer, things are speeding up. Join an ordinary woman who has been chosen to share extraordinary information about how to navigate the tumultuous but exciting times ahead!