All the Crimson Roses

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All the Crimson Roses

Flowers Fade but Legends Never Die

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Romance > New Adult


Before Rebecca Brant (Bex) heads to NYC for an eight-week internship, she leaves behind a bombshell of an anonymous letter for someone at her newspaper office to find. But she’s unprepared for how she feels once that letter is splayed across the front page of the campus paper. What has she done? Has she betrayed her friends in the secret society? Will everyone guess she’s the author of the letter leaking allegations against the most powerful secret society on the Alabama campus? And why is Sawyer, her assistant from the paper blowing up her phone? When Sawyer is left to send the paper to press, he can’t believe what he finds dead center on the front page. Could it be? No. She’s too loyal, she’d never. But after speaking with his best friend, Lane, the head of the secret society on campus, he knows he desperately needs to get a hold of Bex. But he also knows he needs to keep his feelings for her at bay because she’s his befriend, Lane’s girlfriend. If she’d only pick up the phone…