Alive After Dying


Alive After Dying

On Being Gay and Spiritually Challenged

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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Third Place Award


Raised Catholic, Peter couldn’t be part of a religion scorning homosexuality. Between his father’s complicated Italian family, and his mother’s eccentric Canadian side, the author’s quest to understand spirituality, love, and purpose is shockingly visceral. With self-respect and a self-deprecating style, he understands our lives can’t always be controlled when facing the unexplained. His mother develops psychic abilities in search of her connection with God. Supernatural forces lead to mysterious events in Peter’s life. Four significant mentors are introduced to help him understand his destiny, and a cousin, whose unwavering love keeps him from losing faith in humanity. His faith in family and the world is shaken when coming out of the closet. His spiritual search is so brutally honest and heartfelt that it creates questions about whether any of us can continue helping others without losing our empathy and sympathy. With keen observations, his transformation begins by accepting change.