A World Without Emotions – Evolution

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A World Without Emotions – Evolution

Authors & Illustrator


Forino Procacci



Voice Over Artist:

Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award


Ancient symbols and myths form the backdrop to an action-packed, twisting storyline in which William Pattern has to solve complicated puzzles to restore world order. The protagonist goes in search of a truth buried among the monuments of a city rich in history, so that the love of truth may triumph. Guided by his instinct, he must discover what lies behind an ancient legend and mysterious Latin inscriptions. A surreal atmosphere envelops a world in which human beings have lost their emotions and everyone wears neutral facial expressions. This thrilling tale is the setting of a love story between two human beings made to fight for their dream of living a happy life together. It’s the second book of my trilogy called “A World Without Emotions”. The first two books are available in Italian and English the third one is available in Italian and soon in English.