A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

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A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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“David Ruggiero has crafted an outstanding book: an evocatively written memoir of a special time and place that nurtured his rise to culinary fame, and a compilation of irresistible family Italian dishes, many with a brazen Brooklyn accent.” –Bryan Miller, NY Times Food CriticRenowned chef and author David Ruggerio takes you back to Brooklyn and introduces you to the Italian-American experience and cuisine he knows, grew up with, and adores. This humble cuisine reflects a beautiful narrative of joy, sadness, fatigue but always rich in humanity and heritage.A TOMATO GROWS IN BROOKLYN is full of luscious pictures with more than 135 recipes that will make your mouth water. With a bite of Involtini of Eggplant, a taste of Octopus in Warm Vinaigrette, a forkful of Carbonara of Artichoke, a morsel of Gnocchi all’Amatriciana, or a mouthful of Panna Cotta of Orange, Caramel and Figs, you will discover what makes the Italian American cuisine of Brooklyn unique.