A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

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A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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“David Ruggiero has crafted an outstanding book: an evocatively written memoir of a special time and place that nurtured his rise to culinary fame, and a compilation of irresistible family Italian dishes, many with a brazen Brooklyn accent.” –Bryan Miller, NY Times Food Critic Renowned chef and author David Ruggerio takes you back to Brooklyn and introduces you to the Italian-American experience and cuisine he knows, grew up with, and adores. This humble cuisine reflects a beautiful narrative of joy, sadness, fatigue but always rich in humanity and heritage. A TOMATO GROWS IN BROOKLYN is full of luscious pictures with more than 135 recipes that will make your mouth water. With a bite of Involtini of Eggplant, a taste of Octopus in Warm Vinaigrette, a forkful of Carbonara of Artichoke, a morsel of Gnocchi all’Amatriciana, or a mouthful of Panna Cotta of Orange, Caramel and Figs, you will discover what makes the Italian American cuisine of Brooklyn unique.